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Beautiful Product Descriptions

Ready In Seconds

Tiipe helps you write creative product descriptions for your eCommerce website 10x faster. Powered by AI.

30-day trial. No credit card required.

Your AI-Powered Copywriting Assistant

Unlock your highest productivity and creativity with AI-generated content.

Copywriting on autopilot

Stop wasting hours, days or even weeks finding the perfect descriptions for your products. Let Tiipe do the hard work.

Creative copies

Our AI will use your brand’s keywords and products’ attributes to help you get professional copies that drive sales.

The best technology

Tiipe is powered by natural language technology (GPT-3) to create accurate descriptions for each product.

How it Works

Easily create hundreds or thousands of descriptions for your products, in just three steps. Faster than ever!

Get 100 Free Credits – Immediately

30-day trial. No credit card required.

1. Import basic product data

Upload some images or a simple Excel file with a list of products and their main features.

2. Set up preferences

Choose a voice tone or create your own and define the language, style and structure for products descriptions.

3. Run

See the magic happen in seconds. You’ll get lots of products descriptions super fast, just review and edit them if needed.

Good for Any Kind of Product

Our AI can automatically write human-like product descriptions for different categories:

  • Fashion items.
  • Home deco objects.
  • Beauty products.
  • And many others!
Try Tiipe On Your Products

30-day trial. No credit card required.

Before Tiipe

Writing your product descriptions manually.

Copywriting speed 10x
Creativity 20x
Products descriptions quality 20x

After Tiipe

Automating your copywriting with AI.

Copywriting speed 100x
Creativity 100x
Products descriptions quality 100x

Save, Export & Share

Create, save and export your perfect product descriptions to an MS Excel file.

Simple Pricing

Choose the best plan for your business. Start for free and upgrade whenever you are ready.

Starter Plan

$29/Monthor $290 /year (2 months for free)

  • 100 credits / month (or 1,500 credits / year)
  • Batch Copywriting Engine
  • Email Support

Enterprise Plan

CustomA tailored plan for your needs

  • Custom Credits Quota
  • Batch Copywriting Engine
  • Preferred Support With Account Manager

The free trial includes 100 credits. No credit card required.

1 credit equals 1 product description run.


Tiipe is an AI copywriting tool that helps eCommerce teams writing product descriptions for their website 10x faster.

With Tiipe, you’ll forget about manually writing each description for your products. You’ll have the power of creating unique and creative descriptions faster than ever!

Tiipe’s main benefits are:

  1. Speed. Get your product descriptions ready 10x faster.
  2. Creativity. No more copy-paste! Generate creative descriptions for each product.
  3. SEO improvement. Use keyowrds to optimize your content on search engines.

Tiipe can help different teams: SMBs, large eCommerce companies and even content management agencies.

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